Close Ratio Gearbox And Engine Drawings Page.

No excuse is make for the correctness or originality of these drawings but many thanks to the people who know who they are for sending this information for the good of Bantam racing in general. All in Pdf format.

1. Gearbox Shaft cutaway view

2. Mainshaft D7 Type Info

3. Gearbox 3

4. Gearbox 4

5. Gearbox 5

6. Layshaft Slider Spline Info

7. Layshaft Free Spinningg Gear Info

8. Mainshaft Sliding Gear Info 2

9. Layshaft Info

10 . Mainshaft Early Type Info

11 . Mainshaft D7 Type

12 . Output Drive Gear Bush

13. Sleeve Gear Info 2